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    Spinlord Dornenglanz

    Dornenglanz is a long pips with a maximum disruption effect. Dornenglanz is most effective when used for blocking close to the table, although chopping is also good.

    The speed of Dornenglanz is at a medium level. This rubber is elastic and medium hard. The pimple tops are flat and even a little bit sticky. Previously a sticky top-sheet was only possible with inverted rubbers. Dornenglanz was the first rubber to change this. The pimple tops are even covered with a protection foil. Meanwhile some other brands have copied this, but actually SpinLord was the first brand to present such a rubber. Like inverted sticky rubbers Dornenglanz becomes a little bit softer after playing some time and even more dangerous.

    Dornenglanz is quite good for returning serves with heavy spin. It is rather insensitive to incoming spin and enables players to return serves rather fast, minimizing the reaction time of the opponent.

    This rubber is famous for its outstanding block abilities and for its overall good play over the table. Blocking is effective in different variants: passive block and chop block. In chop block the ball flies low and has strong backspin. And in passive block, the return varies from no spin to strong backspin depending to the incoming ball.

    Attacking with Dornenglanz requires a higher technical level of play then with some simple pips. But unlike them attacking with Dornenglanz is much harder for the opponent, as the ball flies quicker and at a more uncomfortable trajectory, causing more difficulties. With faster blades there is an increased chance to smash high balls stronger.

    Other strokes over the table, besides block and attack, like passive or aggressive pushing shots, are quite uncomfortable for opponents, that’s why they are very effective. As well as other strokes, they require practice. And again, unlike simpler pips, they will be more effective. As the ball flies quicker and in addition plunges or suddenly stops. The same effect is achieved with balls pushed suddenly into empty angles left by the opponent.

    Although Dornenglanz is mainly not made for the defense far from the table, this can be successfully played as well. These pips are best for modern defense style players, who play attacks and counterattacks against any weak ball, and not for classic defense. If an opponent is smart, you will have to wait for a chance to attack or counterattack. Less patient players will make a lot of mistakes when facing difficult and uncomfortable returns themselves.

    Dornenglanz is one of the most successful OX long pips developed recently, and it has become one of the most famous and popular rubbers also among professional players like Fabian Äkerström.Please note that Dornenglanz has one weak point. The pimples can break rather easily. If Dornenglanz is glued on a sponge they may break even faster. So we suggest to play Dornenglanz only in ox, and officially this rubber is also sold only in ox. The red rubbers are a little bit more sturdy then the black ones.


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